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I mostly wanted to use this for cosplay,
but it's turned into a whatever blog

There will be a lot of yaoi/shota, so be aware.
And of course, normal anime business.

There will also be some idol posts, mostly
Morning Musume & AKB48.

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Kuroko 22.5Q

I only found out about this yesterday from someone’s tweet. I was confused and feverishly searched for it. So glad I was able to find it

I ended up kind of hating the Generation of Miracles throughout the show ww I mean, I loved them, but I hated that they opposed Seirin…. i guess. 何というか? w but when I saw them all playing together, it was so exciting! I was so happy XD and hnnnomg when I saw Murasakibara I literally fangirl squealed. His voice is adorable i can’t even (ღ˘//◡//˘ღ)

Akashi however… I still greatly dislike. That guy just creeps me out :\ Not even Hiroshi Kamiya can make me like this kid. Just no. you. go sit in a corner. don’t look at us.

I really wish I could have found a better quality video for these, without that logo in the corner Dx


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